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Ceramic basin buy skills
Time:2018-10-12 10:58:09

1. Glaze finish and brightness.

When purchasing ceramic basins, first of all, like ordinary white ceramic basins, we should pay attention to the glaze finish and brightness. Good glaze finish and brightness excellent, pure color, not easy to hang dirt deposits, easy to clean, long-term use is still bright as new.

When judging, you can choose to observe from the side of the ceramic basin under strong light. A good glaze should have no stains, pinholes, sand holes and bubbles, and its surface is very smooth; it has good reflection to light, even; you can also touch it gently with your hands, and the hand is very smooth and delicate. Another expert suggested that touching the back of the ceramic basin should have "rustle" subtle friction. When choosing, we can also put different brands of products together for comparative observation, so as to quickly judge the quality of the table basin.

2. Index of water absorption

The so-called water absorption is the index to judge the ability of ceramic products to absorb and permeate water. It is understood that after water is absorbed into the ceramic, ceramics will produce a certain expansion, ceramic basin is also the case, which is easy to make the surface of the ceramic glaze cracked due to expansion. This shows that the lower the water absorption, the better the quality of ceramic products. According to the national standard of water absorption, sanitary ceramics with a water absorption of less than 3% are high-grade ceramics. When choosing, you should pay more attention to the manufacturer's instructions, and try to choose products with low water absorption.

3. craft, pattern, color

Most of the high-end hand-painted table pots are made of underglaze colored ceramics, which is the best ceramic technology at present, so we should pay attention to distinguish when purchasing ceramic pots, in order to prevent illegal dealers to glaze colors as underglaze colors, in order to false and untrue. Underglaze decoration pays attention to meticulous freehand brushwork, must be hand-painted, not printing, decals, and the color to be bright.

It should be reminded that the hand-painted art table basin, because it is all hand-made, different from the mass production of machinery, production techniques and styles are different, the same group of patterns appear slightly different effects, purchase pottery should be observed carefully. In the process of high temperature firing, each product will appear certain color difference and small cracks on the surface of color glaze because of the change of color glaze kiln. This is the characteristic of color glaze handicraft products for thousands of years, so it will not affect the overall effect.