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What is the one piece toilet?
Time:2018-10-12 11:10:23

What is a conjoined toilet?

Connected toilet modelling is more modern, relatively low split tank, a little more water, the price ratio is generally high. Siphon launching, flushing mute, because the water tank connected to the main body together with the firing, easy to burn out, so the yield is low. Because the water level of the conjoined body is low, the distance between the common conjoined bodies is short, so as to increase the washing power. The connection is not restricted by the distance between the holes, so long as it is less than the distance between the houses.

Installation process of conjoined toilet

1. preparation before installation

Measure the toilet and installation position to ensure the product size is correct and convenient to use. Install triangle valve and check whether the surface water is clean and no foreign matter.

2. marking positioning

Place the toilet seat in the installation position and align the water outlet. Use pencil to scribe along the edge of the toilet and clearly define the location after loading so that it can be fixed with silica gel.

3. installation flange

Check the flange quality and place it under the nozzle. Fix with silica gel and ensure that no leakage will occur. Flange installation is the most important part of the whole process.

4. make sure

Apply silica gel to the pencil line, so that the floor can be tightly connected with the toilet. At the same time, silica gel should be evenly smeared on the inner side of the line so as to avoid the waste of silica gel.

5. correct position

Set the toilet back in situ and fix the position. Clean up the overflowing silica gel in time. Patch up areas where there is no fit to prevent leakage in the future.

6. connect to the inlet.

Connect the inlet hose of the toilet. Make sure that the connection point is firm and the pipe body is free from folding pressure to ensure that no water leakage, leakage or flow obstruction will occur in the future.

7. solid connection

Carefully check the connection between the toilet and the ground. Especially in some places with bolts or cracks, to use silicone repeatedly smear, any omission will bring a lot of trouble in the future.

8. water release test

After the toilet is installed, the drainage test should be carried out, the water level in the water tank should be adjusted appropriately, and the sewage should be checked by sound and velocity.